We help you achieve career advancement while navigating life challenges.

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2020 Coaching packages



This package is designed for first-time coaching clients ready to take their career to the next phase. We focus on goal setting and the power of intention to achieve your desired outcomes. This is a six-month package including: monthly leadership development training and two individual coaching sessions.



SiSync's Experience Package customizes a coaching plan for our seasoned clients ready to step up their leadership strengths at an advanced pace. This six-month package includes: monthly leadership development training, ninety minutes of monthly coaching, and personalized assessment.



At a certain point in all of our careers, we hit a wall wondering "what is my purpose?". This package is designed to support YOU answering this question. We dive a bit deeper to help you fulfill both your career goals and life's purpose. This package starts off with six months of coaching with 120 minutes/month.

Our Experience

Certified and trained coaching professionals with diverse perspectives and techniques. Our team has worked in corporate cultures while investing in their own emotional intelligence leadership coursework to bring you highly specialized coaching and team training. They take their personal and professional backgrounds to develop self-awareness and the power of perspective with clients and teams. We are certified with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Gottman Method, Deep Coaching Institute, and the Enneagram to name a few of our select backgrounds.

Why Us?

Coaches are key—which is why we created a coaching collective of like-minded individuals with both corporate background and certified training. We practice what we preach by continuing to develop ourselves as coaches while giving back to our communities through service-oriented work and volunteering for non-profits close to our hearts.