Active Leadership Circles - Starting January 2020

Corporate Workshops & Coaching Services

We help you empower employees from feeling stress to thriving by specializing in mindfulness programs for work.

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Do you have stressed out employees and looking for trained professionals to come onsite and teach stress management techniques for corporate culture?



Customized team training solutions specifically designed for agile teams. We leverage the power of perspective workshops to dive deeper with your team's goals and challenges.



Are you a leader or have leaders in your organization that are ready to dive in and do the deeper work that's required to lead by example as it relates to unconscious bias complexities?

Our Experience

Certified and trained coaching professionals with diverse perspectives and techniques. Our team has worked in corporate cultures while investing in their own emotional intelligence leadership coursework to bring you highly specialized workshops and team training. They take their personal and professional backgrounds to bring develop self-awareness and the power of perspective with clients and teams. We are certified with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Gottman Method, Deep Coaching Institute, and the Enneagram to name a few of our select backgrounds.

Why Us?

Coaches are key—which is why we created a coaching collective of like-minded individuals with both corporate background and certified training. We practice what we preach by continuing to develop ourselves as coaches while giving back to our communities through service-oriented work and volunteering for non-profits close to our hearts.