Introductory Package (Career Coaching)

Are you new to the idea of coaching and not sure where to begin?

If so, this package is designed for you!

Here is what you'll receive:

  • Connection with up to 3 SiSync Coaches
  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile Review
  • SiSync In-take Assessment
  • Personalized Coaching Plan
  • SiSync Review Coaching Call

One-time Investment: $795 ($1250 Value)

Coaching packages



Research in the corporate world shows clearly that professional development coaching supports peoples’ career success, giving them tools to navigate pressured environments as well as gain focus, resilience and work more effectively. 

Our Tier 1 - Awareness Coaching Packages are designed so each client can engage at the level that fits their goals:

  • 6-month program
  • 60 minutes coaching/month
  • Monthly leadership training





What makes Tier 2 - Experience Coaching Packages stand out from other programs are our custom designed coaching plans to match the advanced learning of our clients. 

We take clients through an arc of shifting habits and perspectives over six months helping them move from their comfort zone to accelerated leadership opportunities:

  • 90 minutes coaching/month
  • Monthly leadership training
  • Personalized coaching plan
  • Leadership Assessment





Conscious leadership allows clients to achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence that create collaborative, effective, and inclusive work environments. By investing in Tier 3 -Expertise Coaching Packages clients elevate into finding their purpose-driven potential. These packages start with six-months of coaching following continued development to dive deeper into purpose + action including:

  • 120 minutes coaching/month 
  • Monthly leadership training
  • Deep dive assessment & plan



Special Pricing Consideration

SiSync's mission is to offer coaching no matter the socioeconomic status of our clients. 

We encourage clients to check with their employers for professional development reimbursement programs (industry standards are 2-4% of salary.) We also offer a sliding scale adjustment to assure affordability of investment is available to all that seek coaching services.