SiSync coaches

Bernadette Dunn, SiSync Principal & Coach


 Bernadette Dunn is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach with Deep Coaching Institute, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Teacher, and Certified Enneagram Practitioner. Bernadette also specializes as a cyber-security FAIR Risk Trainer. She coaches both men and women in career transition, as well as veterans integrating back into civilian culture. For more information visit her website:

Chadwick Hall, SiSync Coach


 Chadwick is a certified consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute with nearly 18 years of study and mentoring from Bob Proctor in the area of success, human potential and the mind.  He’s developed an all-out obsession with helping people understand themselves better, why they’re getting the results they are, and more importantly how to change it.   

Today he calls himself the "Reinvention Specialist" and works best with professionals seeking to "reinvent" themselves.

Ellen Faulhaber, SiSync Coach


 Ellen  is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Deep Coaching Institute with a focus on Enneagram, Executive, Leadership & Life Coach Training.  She also is a Certified Meditation Teacher Training enhancing a life centered on optimal physical, emotional, spiritual health and wellness.  

Ellen specializes in relationship coaching and working with athletes.  You can visit her website: 

Born Jewel Brown, SiSync Coach


 Born has nearly 17 years of experience in Operational, quality assurance, analytics, customer experience, training, employee engagement, and project management roles. Born has utilized her emotional intelligence coaching through these roles as well as guide individuals and leaders through their unique spiritual journeys inside and outside of the church setting.   

Born coaches individuals and groups seeking to strengthen and deepen their spiritual, personal and professional relationship(s) through healthy identity awareness and authentic connection. 

Keady Phelan, SiSync Coach


Keady is a Certified Executive Coach and Deep Coaching Practitioner. She draws from her 25-year corporate career as a manager, mentor, and coach as well as her enneagram, somatic, mindfulness and yoga practice. Keady works with individuals and leaders who are wanting to feel more connected in their work and lives and who are often considering a change or are already in transition. Keady supports her clients in gaining clarity of their personal and professional vision and how to take action that feels authentic and fulfilling. 

To learn more visit her website: 

Nathan Todd, SiSync Coach


Nathan has 34 years of life experience living with Cerebral Palsy, and it has taught him how to take adaptive action in the world. He has 10 years of professional coaching experience, and has completed emotional intelligence training. 

Nathan is passionate about coaching individuals in life transition. Those who have reached successful levels in life, financial, and career; and have realized something is missing. He will support you in connecting to your authentic self and redefining what success means for you. Follow Nathan directly by visiting his website here:.

Julie Van Til, SiSync Coach


  Throughout her work in education, pastoral ministry, non-profit leadership, and coaching, Julie cultivates spaces where people feel safe to delve into their full human experience. By supporting a person’s capacity to be present to what is here in the moment, whether inside or outside of work, they become more conscious of examined patterns, grow in compassion for self and others, and  respond rather than react to their surroundings. From this grounded presence, clients find their wisdom, their voice, and their next inspired action.   

Julie coaches people who value the link between professional and personal development, suspecting that the quality of their professional impact will improve as they attend to their own humanity with compassion, curiosity, and courage. 

Olga Gerchik, SiSync CEO


Olga is SiSync's Chief Execution Officer. She brings her passion for this work to execute all the things behind the scenes. Olga works objectively with our clients in supporting them to find their best coach while providing a safe space for them to share feedback. Speaking of feedback; if you have something to share, reach out to Olga!

She brings both her professional experience as an MBA business consultant as well as years of experience studying emotional intelligence and most recently completing a Mastery of Leadership Facilitation thesis on Somatic Intelligence Instincts and connection to team dynamics. 

SiSync Coaching Alliance


We have an extended network of coaches that we contract with to best match our client needs including: intuitive coaching, artistic and creative expression, conscious parenting.