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About Us


Bernadette Dunn, Principal

Bernadette Dunn is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach with Deep Coaching Institute, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Teacher, and Certified Enneagram Practitioner. After fifteen years as a Software Executive specializing in Microsoft Cloud Solutions, she decided to focus full-time on corporate consciousness coaching and training. The gap she saw as a digital transformation expert was empowering employees to notice their resistance to change. She took the opportunity to leverage her decade of somatic intelligence training and combine it with her years of corporate consulting to create a first of it's kind 12-week employee awareness training for SiSync Culture Shift. She is the founder of Bernadette Coaching, co-founder of SiSync and resides on the boards of WITI (Women In Technology International) and Mothers In Arms (non-profit for single moms.) Bernadette is passionate about empowering women and veterans and stands for a vision of transforming corporate culture. As a life-long student of the human condition, Bernadette holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Cincinnati and a Mastery of Excellence in Rhetorical Theory. She is a mom to Robbie Puggles and loves spending as much time outdoors running, hiking, biking and participating in triathlons.



Lee Kelly, MFA, LMT


Lee Kelly is a Somatic Awareness and Movement Educator located in Bradenton, Florida. He has a long history with creativity and movement through theatre and dance, bodywork and Pilates. Through a dance career peppered with injury, he learned to apply somatic awareness for his own self-healing and performance enhancement. A passion for the study of presence, mind/body connection and the creative process lead to the development of Psycho-Physical Presence Processing, 4(P)Ease Somatic Coaching. For over 25 years, he has supported highly creative individuals break the cycle of “soar” and “crash” by engaging the body in present moment awareness to create more fulfilling and heart-centered lives, release stress and trauma and get back to production. 

Lee holds Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Dance from Ohio University and The Ohio State University respectively. He studied Massage Therapy at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, The Trager® Approach to Psychophysical Integration and The Pilates Method. As an entrepreneur, is the director of Village Movement Arts and a Principal Consultant with SiSync. 


Ellen Faulhaber, CPT, CGEI


Ellen is a Principal Consultant with SiSync. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she was an Academic All Big-Ten, Scholar Athlete, a two-time National Champion synchronized swimmer and a member of the United States Synchronized Swimming National Team. 

Today she is a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, and competitive age-group triathlete.  Currently, Ellen is a student of the Deep Coaching Certification Program with a focus of study on Enneagram, Executive, Leadership & Life Coach Training.  She recently began Ayurvedic Meditation Teacher Training enhancing a life centered on optimal physical, emotional, spiritual health and wellness.  Ellen is a member of IEA (International Enneagram Association), and is an EnneaApp Coach Consultant. Her corporate experience covers 18 years of mutually successful relationships in multi-media sales, pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales and medical education. As a Medical Advisor she provides customized compression solutions for patients with Lymphedema and other edematous, burn or vascular conditions. Ellen has been trained by the Klose Lymphedema Training Certification Course giving her better perspective on the daily therapist-patient interactions and needs.  Ellen is a forever learner, learning by experience and encourages others to jump in the game too!


Chadwick Hall

Chadwick is a certified consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute with nearly 18 years of study and mentoring from Bob Proctor in the area of success, human potential and the mind.  He’s developed an all-out obsession with helping people understand themselves better, why they’re getting the results they are, and more importantly how to change it.   

Results are a direct reflection of a person’s level of awareness.  As a person’s awareness grows, so does their capacity to realize greater income, health, relationships and more, often to an exponential degree.  Chadwick teaches a system to bolster incredible faith and confidence in self to achieve success on definite terms, based on unchanging principles and not by chance or luck.   


Elina Greiff, CCH, HHA


Elina is a Board Certified Holistic Health Advisor, Certified Coach through CCF (Certified Coaches Federation) and a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. Elina has held a number of corporate jobs over the last two decades, mainly in the Information Technology space. Her experience in the corporate world helped her grow as a leader, a trainer and an executive coach by helping people further develop their emotional intelligence skills. That wealth of knowledge and experience in the corporate world led Elina to focus on the core principles and facets of human behavior and its relationship to emotional intelligence.

The more she studied and learned about the core principles of positive psychology, human motivation theories, child development research and brain science, the more she realized that the earlier people learn emotional intelligence skills, the more fulfilling and meaningful their lives will be. That is why in addition to corporate training, Elina is a Conscious Parenting Coach who teaches emotional intelligence skills to parents. Elina has always felt a passion for helping people reach their full potential and to live extraordinary lives by helping them activate and increase their emotional intelligence skills. She graduated from Northwestern University with the degree in Organizational Behavior and Psychology, and has been involved in the field of psychology since her graduation. As the founder of Emotionally Intelligent Life, LLC, Elina works with corporate clients and parents one-on-one as well as in group settings. In her work, Elina incorporates the latest research on brain-science, positive psychology, and child development.  Employing those proven strategies to teach and coach others is what allows her to be so effective in teaching emotional intelligence strategies and skills.

Elina is passionate about learning, traveling the world and teaching people how to overcome obstacles and find beauty and joy in everyday life.